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Saturday, September 08, 2012

we (halfway) have a proper pier!

We've had a functional pier for a year now, made out of old wire fence panels, salvaged from the Toora house.  But while perfectly serviceable, it lacked a certain charm up close.  So when he needs a break from the heavy digging work, Dad has been using up the leftover decking wood, from his own verandah in Melbourne, as well as the offcuts from the 'lake house' floor, to give it a proper pier finish.  
Here's a few photos of it in progress: 

lakehouse - pier - 2

lakehouse - pier - 4

lakehouse - pier - 3

Saturday, September 01, 2012

A fence from Parnu, Estonia

In mid-August I went on a week's road trip across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  It was great, although I wish we'd had more time, since there were some great things that were off the beaten path that we weren't able to see.

However, one night we stopped in Parnu, a beach resort town in Estonia, about halfway between Riga and Tallinn.  While wandering there I saw this fence:

Estonia - Parnu - 27

While it's not the lovely brick walled garden fence of my dreams, it doesn't look half bad.  And it would be a hell of a lot cheaper and faster to erect than brick.  So perhaps we could compromise... put fence like this between most of the pillars, with solid brick walls in just a few sections.  That way we'd still have area to grow fruit against the walls, but without it completely breaking the bank, which a fully enclosed bricked walled garden will sadly do.