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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Working on the lakehouse

We recently spent over 2 weeks at Amherst as part of our long-awaited holiday.  Originally the plan had been for the lakehouse to be ready for us to move into - but despite Dad's valiant efforts, that was still a long way off.  This is what it looked like when we arrived:

lakehouse progress - 01 lakehouse progress - 03

Yes, charming and visible potential, and some lovely windows and a ceiling... but no walls.  :-)   Thankfully we had backup accommodation - huge thanks to Tiff and Cal, Renee and Dave - or else I would have been a very unhappy camper!

The first day and a half we made great progress, with Dave putting on plasterboard.  Dad had cleverly rigged up electricity through the generator and so we had lighting, letting us keep working late into the evening.

lakehouse progress - 12 lakehouse progress - 13
lakehouse progress - 18 lakehouse progress - 16

Then disaster struck... Dave fell off a ladder.  He was really lucky - the only thing hurt was his ankle, in what turned out to be a severe sprain - but it could have SO much worse.  So we spent a day getting acquainted with Maryborough Hospital.

From then on Dave was out of action pretty much, so Dad switched his focus to help me work on the interior.  While I worked on the undercoats on the wall, Dad gave the ceiling a good wash.  He'd used old lining boards for it which looked amazing - but they were FILTHY.  Once scrubbed up though the end effect though was worth the effort - I adore them.  :-)

lakehouse progress - 20 lakehouse progress - 21

The next urgent task was to get the end somewhat sealed.  I'd bought some old stained glass windows that were still in frames, so Dad put them in... then did a quick patch job with old plasterboard, until he could get to the weatherboarding.  The architraving was made by Dad on-site hewn from some old weatherboards he saved from a skip.

lakehouse progress - 28 lakehouse progress - 40
lakehouse progress - 34 lakehouse progress - 38

And so it went on.  I painted and painted, while Dad did carpentry, and even Dave helped where he could - washing the floor which by then was filthy with plaster dust...

lakehouse progress - 43 lakehouse progress - 45
lakehouse progress - 44

Until at last... it was ready.  

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