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Saturday, April 07, 2012

We finally moved in... (well temporarily)

OK, it's not 100% complete yet on the outside, but we got it to the stage that it was close enough.  I couldn't wait any longer to move in.  :-)  

lakehouse furnishing - 05 lakehouse furnishing - 01
lakehouse furnishing - 06 lakehouse furnishing - 04

It was furnished with a combination of things that I got out of storage.  The bed is a blowup one, believe it or not, but very very comfortable.  Some old chairs and tables that I cleaned up, along with some nice linen and paper window blinds and the odd book and nick-nack and suddenly it starts to feel very comfortable.  Still very shabby of course, as befits what is basically a glorified shed - but I love it.

The amazing thing about sleeping there is that it is so peaceful, the only thing that wakes you in the morning is the sun creeping in and the sound of the birds.  It's lovely.

Of course, we were only there a few days when it was time to leave, so everything got packed up so Dad can use it for his own stuff.  But I prefer to remember it like this.  :-)

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