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Sunday, April 08, 2012

The verandah is amazing

So far I've not really talked much about the verandah of the lakehouse.  This was an impromptu idea of Dad's but a brilliant one.

lakehouse progress - 75

Rather than having it be the full height, he put in a lowered roof so there's a small loft above it.  That's great on the inside as it's extra storage - or even a sleeping area.  But it's also a bonus for the verandah as it gives it a far cosier feel.

There are glass panels either side of the verandah so that effectively it's closed in on 3 sides.  I must admit, I was horrified when I first heard about that - but it turned out Dad was right.  They are hardly noticeable, and it really helps cut down the wind.  He was also right about the balustrade - I'd been convinced I wanted it open so I could sit and dangle my feet off the edge; but it's such a small area that you really do feel safer having it.  Plus it turned out to be a great footrest :-)

The verandah floor is currently just stacked brick, although eventually I'll put tiles.  The roof is lined with an old metal fencing sheet which I painted sky blue.  Dad put that in so it was fire-resistant, so we could use the chiminea there, which is just lovely to sit around.

lakehouse progress - 55 lakehouse furnishing - 02

We still have a bit of work left to do on it - the floor needs laying properly, the architraving needs doing on the outside, and of course it all needs a proper paint job.  But we got close enough this trip for me to see how wonderful it will be.

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