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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Logs, hidden water and tents

The latest in the series of random ideas that - if time and money were no object - we could explore.  Meaning that in reality we likely will not, but hey... it's still fun to jot them down :-)

Small sliced logs as wall decor
One of those ideas you have to see the picture to appreciate.  I love this concept, and we're going to have to cut up wood for firewood, don't see why they can't do some extra slices while they're at it.  :-)  In Martha's version it is birch wood, but I think it would be nice to do it with some native wood, there must be some that have a nice pattern

Chandelier inspired from nature
We saw this in person when in NYC in September at ABC Carpet & Home in Union Square.  I used to love window shopping there and was thrilled to find it still existed, nearly 2 decades later.  I loved this chandelier and came pretty close to wanting to buy it when Dave pointed out with a little ingenuity we could make our own version, and we'd have to rewire the damn thing anyway as US wiring is totally different to UK or Australia.  I still love it though. It's called "The Enchanted" and it comes from a company called Canopy Designs.

Disappearing swimming pools
Sadly they don't give any prices which usually means it is not something any mere mortal could afford.  But it's a cool concept nonetheless.

Safari cabin tents
I've always loved the safari tent cabins we've stayed in when in Africa.  I think they'd work just as well for temporary (but more comfy than usual) guest accommodation in Australia too.  Here's an Australian based company that makes various kinds: Ecostructures

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