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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hedging our bets with the old house

So we were all set with the plans for the old house - it was to be a lovely little guest cottage, and a place to live in temporarily while the new house was built.  As the move looms closer though, we're being more practical and hedging our bets.

We'll need to be *very* sure before selling up in London and building the new house, since it'll be unlikely we could recoup that investment should we ever need to sell.  So, we've decided to make sure the old house is renovated in a way that, if worst came to worst, we'll be happy to stay living in long-term.

Which really just comes down to a question of space.  The way we had it planned was perfect for a holiday rental, but for permanent living there just wasn't enough storage and the kitchen was too cramped.  So we're tweaking one last time (hopefully).   It'll add a little on to renovation costs but Dad doesn't think too much - and certainly it will be a hell of a lot cheaper to make the changes now than later.

Here's the latest planned layout:

revised old house plan

For comparison, here's what it used to be:
latest layout plan for old house

There are 3 main differences between the old and new versions.  First, we stretched it - buying us space for a walk-in robe in the bedroom, as well as a more spacious dining area.  Second, we added an extra small "L" shaped bit to the kitchen area, again just to buy some more cupboard space and help the kitchen feel not quite so open-plan.   Third, the entry to the laundry is now enclosed to give a small back entrance area - a place for coats and muddy boots.  We've also made some minor tweaks - eg: changing the position of the bay window to have the symmetry of windows at either end; changing the direction the back steps go out, etc.

When I look at it, it feels pretty minor - but that extra space is going to make all the difference between feeling cramped and feeling comfortable.

We also gave some thought to how we might incorporate some of the scavenged materials - there are quite a few that, on initial glance, seem like they could fit.  Here's the ideas:

revised old house layout with coding coding for scavenged finds

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