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Thursday, March 10, 2011

We have a bridge!!

I am so excited that I don't care I'm making myself late to work to post this.  Dad just emailed on his return from a working trip to Amherst.  He decided to surprise us by putting in the bridge to the "dam shed"!

dam with bridge and house behind

Eventually this building will be a (quite fancy) garden shed/retreat.  But my dream is that it will be finished enough by the time I next visit so I can camp in it.  The big hiccup to that had been that after the heavy rains, we'd had no way to access it to finish the building work... now, thanks to the miracles of Dad, we do!!

dam with bridge

Dad describes it thus: "It is a full 900mm wide and four panels long.  It is supported on steel pegs driven into the soil under the dam.  It is very sturdy.  It is approx a foot above the water. I could push a loaded wheelbarrow over it if needed. I used all the surplus fence panels from Toora to make an everlasting and safe bridge rather than a flimsy affair that needed lots of care to keep it safe.  I hope you like it as it was a bit of an ordeal to build"

I love it!  I especially love the curve - I hadn't even though about having it curved, had just presumed it would be built straight as that would be simplest, but having it curved gives is such a lovely shape, it's perfect.  The only thing we will do to give it a finishing touch is - eventually - put some decking over it, to make it look like a mini-pier / boardwalk.  But that's a minor detail - already it is functional and beautiful.  :-)

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