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Sunday, May 02, 2010

rough proposal for garden layout

This isn't drawn up properly to scale, but I wanted to jot down my recollection of the garden plans agreed at our last visit.

Of course, a few details have changed since then - not least because I have (for now anyway) abandoned the idea of a giant haha and huge terraced lawn... It would take months of work, and so I want to live there for a bit and be *really sure* that it is what I want before we attempted it. It's such a lovely slope down to the dam now anyway that it seems a shame to lose it.

But the garden areas close to the house are unchanged. This is what they look like thus far:

Birds eye view:

Birds-eye view of proposed garden

There are 3 distinct areas I'm thinking of:
  1. The Long Border: this will be my main garden plot.. It will likely be a mixed border, with some shrubs like roses, but lots of perennials. From memory it is about 50m long by about 3-4m wide. I will have the occasional stepping stone within it so I can get in to the plants, but mostly it will be layered planting. Eg:
    gravetye manor border

  2. Herb Garden: I may relent and have some roses here too, but at the moment am thinking this would be lovely to have as a herb potager... some parts could be laid out quite formally, others could perhaps be more informal, like the lavender/sage/yarrow in this:
    lavendar sage and yarrow garden (Dry Climate Gardening - Orthos)

  3. The Secret Garden: I'm not sure exactly what this will look like yet, except my thinking is that it will be the more shady area, so where we could have things like hydrangeas, maybe even ferns, a small fountain...
The secret garden and the herb garden would be left as the natural slope of the land. The path and the long border though would be levelled, forming a terrace. Supporting the terrace would be a rock wall. To provide further fencing protection, as well as windbreak for the plants, I would propose to have a chest height fence running along the back. When you're in the house or on the verandah you'd be high enough up to see over it, so wouldn't be blocking the view. And I'm hoping that combining this fence with the rock wall would be sufficient to stop the kangaroos.

Side view of long border area:

Side view of long border proposed

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