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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dave might get to do some excavation, after all...

It's only a few months until Dave is next back to work on the place. One of the things that Dad would like Dave to do this trip is to get the area for the soaker field sorted.

We've installed a treatment plant for the sewerage/greywater, so that it can be recycled. In order to work, however, it needs to have an area where the cleansed water from it goes.

Because we don't want to fuss with chlorine (risk of smell, bad for environment, more cost), we need for this to be dispersed in pipes that are underground.

There are two areas that we would ideally like to have soaker fields - the long border, and the secret garden (see rough plan).

The first soaker field to go in though will be the one in the long border. This means therefore that we need to get the terracing done for the path/border area. Which means that we need to start the new house excavation, in order to get the necessary dirt.

I'd originally hoped not to have to start this until we were back, but now it seems unavoidable. So Dave may get some tractor action on this trip, after all :-)

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