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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Update on the trees

It's the hot period in Australia now, so the real test for all the trees recently planted.

The driveway trees continue to thrive:
driveway trees - 1

According to Dad, the olives are going well... "Your olives are thriving... All are very well leafed, and two of the small ones at the end have revived from being dead, or so I thought. That means only 2 of the original plants have died".

Unfortunately not so much the Wollemi's... although there is a chance they may be resurrected: "I have capped the Woolamai pines, and perhaps they will survive. One at least of the two that were scorched has very tiny green leaves forming at the topmost of the stem. Both stems are very pliable, although most of the branches are not and break very easily as they are dead. All along the stem are miniscule leaves that are apparently this plant's survival tactic when scorched as this time. I am very hopeful we have sheltered them in time".

driveway trees - 2

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