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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ebay wins: more lloyd loom

I love Lloyd Loom furniture - but only the old styles from around 1930-50's era. Even though they still make it today, I don't like it as much... it's either boring/modern shapes, or else outrageously expensive.

So, I am always keeping an eye out on Ebay for interesting old pieces to add to our collection. Here's the most recent wins:

Original 1935 Lloyd Loom table

original 1935 art deco Lloyd Loom circular low table

"Marked to the underside MAR 35 and with faded evidence where the original paper label was, we are pretty sure it's a Lloyd Loom" (Actually: I know for certain it is Lloyd Loom as it is an identical match for one of the pieces in the historic catalogue I've got)

"Standing on four cabriole legs in original stained polished beech, with gold top. Excellent vintage condition with just one tiny break in the weave in the centre. 20" diameter x 18" height"

Lloyd Loom armchair

old lloyd loom chair

It needs a bit of a cleanup and paint, but the fundamental weave is fine which is what matters. I've been looking out for a chair shaped like this for years, glad to have finally got one. Now I just need another to make a matching pair. :-)


Pierre said...

You seem to be experts at restoring Lloyd Loom. I just bought a couple of 1960s armchairs on a whim, because I really like their shapes but they need repainting and re-varnishing. Do you have any recommendations to make? In particular I would like to know which kind of products to use.
thank you in advance for you advice. Good luck with all you other projects.
Kind regards

Lynette said...

Hi Pierre, I only wish I was an expert. But we haven't done anything to ours yet! With the exception of the one chair that you can see in this, everything else has been in usable condition. I prefer things that show their age and life, so I don't mind if they're a bit battered. Eventually we will have to do something with the armchair, but I haven't yet figured out what. Right now it's in a storage unit back in Australia waiting for us to get there to work on it. One day. :-) Good luck in your restoration.