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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The verandah gets a roof

Dad has been making some great progress on the verandah. Here's some photos and his reports below:

work on verandah - 1

work on verandah - 7 work on verandah - 8

"As you see I have at last done some carpentry work. I got all the common rafters nailed into place (22 all together). I had to measure them individually as the old house was out of plumb in the rear corner and that factored into some variation in the rafter lengths. The beam is perfectly straight and the rafters nailed, and I have fitted the roof battens and braces, and made a start on the sheeting.

I need to complete the screwing of the roof sheets next visit. I was altogether too tired to finish them further than one course of battens and nails on the lower two battens. I will be ordering the flashing on Monday so that can be placed.

Altogether, I am very pleased with the veranda so far. All the rafters are aligned beneath so when I have time to do lining, after the frame inspection and electrical wiring, it will be very easy to do this with minimal packing.

The temporary deck provided a base for the trestles and I was able to reach easily. I will take out the braces to the house now that the rafters are in place and have open workspace.

Your house is perfectly placed for a hot day. The sun was to the rear of the house and a lovely breeze blows when the sun is hot due to the shadow cast by the house. I am very very pleased with the aspect of the deck, and the size as it affords living outdoors very well"

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