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Sunday, January 10, 2010

daily weather during 2009

So it's a few days later than usual, but I finally got round to doing my now-traditional weather review.

Here's what it was like in 2009 for Maryborough (nearest weather station to us) according to the Bureau of Meteorology:

To start, here's a graph of the maximum & minimum temperatures reached each day, in celsius:

max & min temperatures in 2009
Click graph to see it full size

The hottest it got was 45.4 on 7th February 2009 - over 4 degrees hotter than the 2008maximum. The coldest was -2.8 on 8th August. This is around about the time that Dave and my Dad were working up there, no wonder they were freezing!

Next, let's look at the all important rainfall. This graph shows it plotted cumulatively:

rainfall in 2009

It was looking on track to be a pretty bad year for rain, until November when it absolutely bucketed down. Over 100mm in a single month!

Overall, in the historical context it ended up being a pretty average year for rain.

historical rainfall in maryborough

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