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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dad's planned work

Dad is taking a breather from working on his own place to do some more up at ours. Below is what he plans, very exciting!

Email from Dad 3rd Jan:

Once more my attention is turned towards your project and I just want to sketch again for you my priorities for progressing. A lot of time and effort has been devoted to getting started there, and the time to stand and deliver completed stages of this project has come. On all the RDO days I plan to work on the project in the near future.

At present this is my list of jobs to tackle:
  • I will need to put concrete stumps under the dry toilet because I found it infested with white ant when I went there on New Year's day to deliver the tandem with a huge load of things from my shed that will be used by you. Either I save it now or we will have to scrap it in the near future. I am surprised it has lasted so long before getting white ant.
  • Then I will complete the framing of the veranda begun. I will get the roof over that side and cover the floorjoists with secondhand corro sheets.
  • Then I will tackle the painting and repair of the weatherboards of the front facade so I can move the scaffold.
  • Then I will complete framing of the veranda and roofing it.
  • All that will take time, but possibly if the dam comes down enough this summer I will make the access ramp and complete the "lake house".

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