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Sunday, January 24, 2010

can you paint in all temperatures?

This is the second in a short series of posts, where I get my questions about painting answered.

Q2. Are there any special considerations that you need to take into account when painting in really hot or cold temperatures?

Nick Keigher's answer

Pretty much the whole range of exterior paints these days are designed to withstand the harshest of climates. From the searing desert sun, to the below freezing desert nights.

Obviously though, the paint that is exposed to the sun more will obviously deteriorate faster than the paint in the colder climate.

When it comes to applying the paint to the substrate you have to look at the conditions you are applying it in.

You can apply the paint in 40 plus heat in direct sunlight but believe me it's extremely difficult, and dries literally as soon as it hits the wall making it next to impossible to achieve that smooth fresh look you're searching for.

On the other extreme, I know a painter that lives in New Zealand and he literally can’t paint for three months of the year because it is either too damp, or just too cold and the paint won’t dry in these really low temperatures.

The ideal temperature for applying paint is 18 – 30 degrees Celsius (64 - 86 Fahrenheit). The painting preparation, regardless of the temperature outside, is the same as anywhere else and a far as determining factors, that's going to affect the quality of your paint work more than anything else.

Nick Keigher runs Keigher Painting & Decorating, servicing the Brisbane Metro and surrounding areas.

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