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Monday, August 24, 2009

work on the verandah

Dave and Dad made great progress while they were up there on the verandah foundation, pausing only when the ran into a hiccup with the ceiling height.

They got all the stumps in for the verandah on the long side of the house. This was a big job apparently as not only did they have to dig out the holes, it was a pain getting everything lined up perfectly. Even worse - the tractor got a flat tire, so after all the effort to get the augre, they had to do a lot of it by hand!

Here's the beginning...
Verandah work - 01

They dug out each hole ...
Verandah work - 02 Verandah work - 13

Then filled with cement.

Verandah work - 08 Verandah work - 05

Repeat many times and you have a forest of stumps...

Verandah work - 16

A quick tangent to dig out a flat area for the under-verandah tank...

Verandah work - 15

Then it's time for some framing...

Verandah work - 20 Verandah work - 21
Verandah work - 23 Verandah work - 22

They even got the posts up (with temporary supports until Dad gets the roof frame up) and voila, the verandah starts to take shape.

Verandah work - 26 Verandah work - 25

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