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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we need a verandah tank

In advance of Dave's return trip in August, Dad got organised in planning out what we should do. He decided to focus primarily on the veranda and foundations.

One of the questions that came up related to where the water caught by the verandah roof should be funnelled. We have to capture every last drop of rainwater and store it, so can't just let it run off...

After some discussion we decided the best solution would be to have a tank that fits underneath the verandah itself, from which we can pump water up to the main storage tank.

For instance, depending on how much space there is, we could get a bladder tank made to fit, like the kinds that Flexitank and WetEarth offer.

Initially Dad wasn't keen as he had been planning to use the area for storage, but then he came up with a workaround:

I am going to plan to leave an area of veranda subfloor at the east end (the front) in the corner where the mitre is made between the two sides of the veranda, for the bladder tank should you decide to have it under the veranda. It is quite easy at this end to permit an open area as I can span the area with subfloor beams and still have access to install later. This spot was not intended for the storage so no loss is suffered there.
I will see what it costs for a tank apx 2mtrs wide x 3 mtrs long x 1mtr high if made to order - have emailed Flexitank to ask for a quote.

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