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Monday, July 20, 2009

mistakes in old house plans, arrgghh

After all the euphoria over the building permit being granted for the old house, Dad has now discovered there are some mistakes with the plans.

He had got a 'friend' of his to do the drafting work on them which was far cheaper than going through an architect like Eric... but wow, talk about a hassle. I would not ever use that draftsman again. Not only did he take far too long (months and months of promising and never delivering), it now turns out that there were mistakes!!

Fortunately Dad spotted them before we proceeded too far, and the guys at the Shire have said it is fine to alter, phew. But still... one hassle Dad didn't need.

Here's Dad's update on the problems:

Alan states the veranda posts are 125x125 cypress pine. I plainly told him they were to be 100x100 cypress pine but he forgot to alter this. I have called the shire to enquire if I can alter this detail.

Alan also states selected treated pine baseboards around the outside of the veranda. I may wish to use hardwood due to the longer lasting nature of hardwood due to being more stable in the sun in larger sections. Treated pine tends to curl a lot and look awful after a few years. I will ask the surveyor if I can change this also.

Alan also states the 1 metre high column encasing the three posts is to be made of weatherboards, but I believe it will look better with lining boards. Same material, but no need for total weather tightness on these and a very much superior finished look. I will also ask the surveyor if I can use the lining boards.

Alan also was not told or forgot that this will be a lined veranda with the ceiling level forming an air space with the roof. I see he has mentioned use of 100x50 HW F8 for the rafters of the utility, where it is more usual to use 100x 38 HW F8. I will ask the surveyor if I can alter this. The use of heavier than required framing members above the ground is pointless and bad building. I plan to use 100x38 HW F8 for the ceiling joists that the lining boards attach to as well.

As there is a large quantity of material involved I need to sort out this anomaly earliest possible before running afoul the inspector after much expense.

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