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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dad's plans for work with Dave

Dad is getting organised for the work that he and Dave will do in August. Here are his plans:

I want to build the veranda portion that is the same as the north face of the house, leaving off the mitred end that returns on the east face for now as I have scaffold there for painting. I am building baseboard doors to open for access and close and lock for security along this north face portion of the veranda. There will be 8 bays for storage and two shelves permitting material of short and long length. I will be doing this work when Dave is on-site, and hopefully store the lining boards away, sorted into the various types.

I do not wish to put on the veranda posts yet as I plan to use the old iron to cover this area while work goes on elsewhere over the long-term. The posts will be in the way for now. I will use the 3m lengths of roofing from the Toora house for my temporary storage.

I want to spend some time finding a source for the flooring. It will be a large cost item, and many options present. That will be discussed later.

I also want to leave the steps from the north face for later discussion as I believe they merit a proper detailed consideration and construction in keeping with the rest of the veranda. Alan has figured a simple open plank structure which is really not sufficient unless you are happy with this design. I do not want to sacrifice one or two bays of storage area to build the steps now rather than at the end of the project.

I have aimed at having sufficient work for Dave and I, without being overly stocked with materials that must be stored safely. Later, I will address the repairs of the east face weatherboards and windows and door entrance as my next project, and completing the painting. But doing the north face now as well as giving storage area will give access to place the window and doors along this face at a comfortable level.

The tractor will have the posthole attachment on it while Dave is there so if you have holes that need to be made for trees we will put these in and place topsoil into the holes.

I hope Dave will have time to do some tractor work excavating the house site and establishing the spoil fill-in of the sewage effluence field while he is here. However, that will not be a priority. Doing holes for trees will be, but only if you have considered well where these are to be placed.

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