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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yay! Building permit is granted

We got a letter from the Central Goldfields Shire Council today, which gave us the great news that the building permit for the renovations to the old house has been granted.

BS-19314/20090076/0 is our number. :-)

I didn't scan it as most of it is just details about the property location and other details we included in the permit application.

The only really important thing is the date: Building work must commence by 16th June 2010 (not a problem as Dad and Dave will start in August), and be completed by 16th June 2011. That latter date will be a stretch given we are still stuck in the UK... but perhaps something miraculous will happen. Worst case we extend it for a year and Dave takes a semester off work here to go back and work on it.

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