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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bushfire Assessment Level details

After we learned about the new building regulations, Eric gave us some documentation about the key steps to assess where our property falls as regards bushfire risk.

We spent some time during our visit to go through it... Below is what we came up with based on our measurements:
  • Relevant FDI = 100
  • Classified vegetation types: Woodland at rear of house (the state forest) is Group A forest , Low Open Forest 04
  • Distance of site from classified Vegetation: 60m
  • Effective Slope under classified Vegetation: Upslope
The map below is not to scale but shows measurement of where the ridgeline (change from upslope to downslope) occurs in the woodland, position of house, fences etc.


As to what this means for our Risk level however, I haven't a clue. Cleverly, Eric didn't give us the section that tells you how to calculate it - as he didn't want that to sway our estimations! We'll just have to wait and hear back what he says... fingers crossed!

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