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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Work begins on the "boathouse"

Really it's just a glorified shed, but boathouse is a nicer name. :-)

Originally this was planned to be on the edge of the dam, but when we got there and saw how much of the central ridge was exposed, we decided to take the opportunity to build it in the middle of the dam instead.

Building the boatshed from Lynette on Vimeo.

Dad was the ringleader and did all the planning and calculations. Dave and Pete assisted at various stages, but this was basically Dad's project. He even sourced a lot of the materials from his stocks of scavenged wood, so with the exception of the pier supports, it will basically be all from recycled material.

By the end of the few days he had managed to get the base in and floors nailed down, and the frame and windows for the walls on one side. It wasn't quite as far as he'd hoped, but hey... I think it was an amazing effort all things considered.

Building it on the ridge made it a bit more complicated than it would have otherwise been - we needed to secure the stumps deep enough as if for a pier, and we eventually will need to have a ramp walkway. But it will be worth it in the end, just imagine being able to sit on the edge and look out over the water. :-)

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