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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stripping paint

While Dave was busy on the tractor, I spent most of my time during our visit stripping off paint from the old window and door frames at the front of the house.

The old paint was loose enough that with the help of scrapers and elbow grease we managed to get it all off without resorting to using a heat gun or chemicals.

Here's a few before and after photos:

stripping paint from windowframe - 1 stripping paint from windowframe - 2

stripping paint from windowframe - 4 stripping paint from windowframe - 5

I can't take credit for doing all of it though, I had huge help from Pete and Jen (my brother & sister), and also of course Dad who had arranged for the scaffolding to be set up...

scraping off old paint - 04
scraping off old paint - 12 scraping off old paint - 11
lyn working on house (from suz)

1 comment:

Jen said...

Stripping paint is not fun. Thankfully you have lots of help. Looks like a lot of progress is being made.