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Monday, April 06, 2009

Planting trees

As has now become tradition, every visit we plant some more trees.

This trip we put in the special trees that Dave's Mum had been nurturing for us, as well as some replacement lemon gums to fill in the few odd gaps along the driveway.

Planting trees from Lynette on Vimeo.

Nelson, Dave's 11 year old nephew dug all the holes with the tractor - he was the best at using it, I guess due to all the practice playing with the machines at the Science Museum and the like. :-)

Once each hole got dug, Dave and his Dad and brother installed irrigating pipes and added better soil before planting the trees. The finishing touches were some rocks to help act as a sort of mini dam in catching water which Anne and Dave's Mum helped with, as well as strong fencing and shadecloth to protect from the sheep, kangaroos and wind.

wrapping up the trees

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