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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update from Dad's visit

Dad has been focusing on the renovations at his own place recently, so things slowed down. He did manage to make a quick trip up though recently... Here's his report:

I got up there for work at 1000 after taking time to talk to the man at the tank place with a hope of getting a tank delivered while there. Not possible. Will need to order it later and arrange for delivery. Will discuss this in another email. And the underground tank up on the hill with the shelter beside it.

I found that the green timber used for the ledgers that we bolted onto the stumps for storage had shrunk and settled. I had to remove all the timber stored and reset these with additional supporting droppers. I moved about half of the lining boards, then ran out of time.

I need to mow the grass again in the orchard so may go up on the 10th and also paint the verandah posts and beam as they are not happy in the full sun and are beginning to get splits in the length. Not a problem if we were using them as fencing, but they are destined for greater things. I will not get another chance to go until after Christmas.

I pumped 3/4 of a tank of water into the big blue tank, and it is absolutely full now. I used my pump and hose and it was very quick indeed compared to the very slow septic pump. My pump had not been used for nearly a year and it was okay.

All is brown there now, the dam is very full. Will need to get an overflow pipe installed at the appropriate point so the water level doesn't flood the damhouse. Not that so much rain will ever come.

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