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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update from Dad on council contact

Dad reports the people in the council planning department were very nice and helpful. It's not often you hear that, so I think we have really lucked out. :-)

He also talks about plans for possible house re-stumping, fingers crossed it won't be too bad.

Email update from Dad - 11th March

I have spoken by phone this morning with Tom at the council. He was exceptionally helpful, knows Malcolm, and will contact Malcolm himself to discuss matters. He has arranged to photocopy all documentation required to expedite this application.

I told him about the long delay incurred by Septech not following through with things, and with the Christmas break, and my subsequently having very little time to get this permit in place before we intend to install it this April. He was very understanding and said the building permit for the old house is ready to go pending this permit being successfully arranged. I feel that it is going to fall into place.

I said that we have purchased a piece of equipment for landscaping and digging requirements and it was urgent that we be able to install this tank when Dave is on hand to operate it and get instruction from Malcolm concerning the functioning and design of the system in it's entirety. I told him that Malcolm will attend to providing the necessary description of the system, and that as it is a bog standard waste processing system that is quite often used in the area there really will not be a difficulty in this regard.

I can do no more. We are greatly in Tom's debt on this account and when you have the chance to shout him a beer you should do so Dave. He could not have been less a bureaucrat in an office as I have so often encountered. So we are now pretty certain of having things in place in time and can breath a sigh of relief. By the way, we are also deeply in Malcolm's debt for being willing to step into the gap on this one. I realize it is business, but nevertheless we are favoured by his prompt attention to matters.

Underhouse work must follow reblocking work required, and as yet that aspect has not been investigated. Richard, the surveyor for the old house, has told me that most likely all the perimeter stumps will need to be replaced. I have to dig down and expose the collar rot if any to see how bad they are. Most stumps will rot at the point just below the surface of the ground where there is enough oxygen for fungus to function and enough moisture to keep them happy. I will take time to expose these when I am there this working bee. I also must put concrete stumps under the area of the bathroom where it will become effectivey two stories. I will not worry to do stumps that will be accessible for the augre on the tractor until we have that piece of equipment. In any case such work would hinder the underhouse work. I am putting my money on the stumps all being in good order. but if there is the slightest doubt about the perimeter stumps they need to be sorted out first.

This house will be insulated beneath the floor so pipes, wires, etc may be inaccessible. Unless these are all to be put on the surface. I will have to follow through later about these details. I had no time to see an electrician when there with Dave doing the olive enclosure, but may get one out when we are on the premises this time. With you there this would be a great opportunity.

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