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Saturday, March 07, 2009

New planning rules due to Bushfires

The recent bushfires were terrible (massive understatement). Luckily Amherst wasn't affected but it will be now indirectly, because they are bringing in new planning laws.

The new rules were published by the Building Commission yesterday, you can see them here. It's apparently one of the fastest introductions of new regulation ever.

Hopefully it shouldn't affect us too much for the existing house, as that is a renovation rather than a new build. But it will have implications for the new house depending on what "risk level" they class our property as being in.

I am praying that, because we're not right up against the forest - in that there is a big patch of open space with no trees between the house and it - we won't be at the highest level.

But, I would like to find out ASAP because it has a big impact on the materials we're allowed to use in building the new house. So if, for instance we won't be allowed to use wood shingles as cladding (like we had been toying with at one stage), but instead will have to make it from some form of brick, I would like to know now so I can adjust my daydreams....

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