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Friday, February 27, 2009

Email update from Dad

Dad made a trip up to Amherst to water and get the scaffolding ready for our visit in April.

Email update (27th February)

I returned from Amherst last evening. While there pumped a 1000 gal to the low irrigation tank, 750 gal to the high one, and nominated to use the new 1000 for irrigation as well rather than potable water because watering is going to be the most practical use of it for the next few years. I will use it to water the plants I take up on 22 March with a slow drip irrigation the same as with the orchard. I will have to run another line to them because the present reticulation system is thoroughly taxed by the quantity of trees it services.

I emptied the lower tank overnight with the intention to replenish it and have it full waiting for use on the 22th, but on investigation found sediment had blocked many of the valves to trees so they didn't get properly watered. So I reset all the valves after a flush and pumped another full tank and that is trickling now.

I began work dismantling the old scaffold and errecting the new. I discovered I need to take more planks and trestles up there for best use of the manpower we will have available. I will concentrate my efforts on the back of the house doing the bay windows. The front of the house will be able to use several people at a time providing they are careful. I may not have enough pipe to provide a scaffold for very high work so will focus on work from the ground and the next stage up. We will see. Progress will determine how I proceed with work at the highest level.

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