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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Organs of the Goldfields festival

Last weekend Mum went to the Organs of the Goldfields Festival recital held in St Michael's Church in Talbot. Here's her email report, and a couple of photos:

"I went and it was a good day. We walked down to the church whilst the first recital was underway and bought tickets for the 12 noon one.

st michaels church in Talbot

Then went and had a $7 morning tea - tables groaning in the hall bit and then into the big high ceilinged hall where they have cakes etc at the Town hall market to sit and eat it. I went with Wendy from church. Cup of tea or coffee and help yourself to gfood. Sandwiches and cakes and scones and…

We walked back to the church as the previous lot were coming out and were lucky to get in. Talk about crowded. People sat EVERYWHERE including on the floor!

st michaels church in Talbot st michaels church in Talbot

Afterwards, we sat and ate our sandwiches in the memorial park - along with lots of others. We had to share a table - and most were doing that and as soon as we vacated, our spot was taken by more folk. There was also a spit roast and salad at Chesterfield House if you wanted it - the queue was quite long for that.

Up in market square they had an actress ct the part of a lady touring with the theatre, acting here at Talbot in the 1850s, did a second tour a few years later, and had the fire truck named after her. I liked her bo Peep long knickers! Like chook fluffy legs. She must have almost expired, it was far too hot for anyone in the sun let alone wearing thick velvet.

heritage tour in Talbot heritage tour in Talbot

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