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Sunday, August 10, 2008

hunting for the Crown Title

I got in touch with my solicitor in the vain hope that they might still have the original Crown Title (after learning last weekend that the previous owner, Steve, didn't).

Sadly, when they checked their files, not only did they not have it, but they had no record of having ever received it from the Titles Office.

Given that the Titles office would have sent it to them, if anyone, we are now hoping against hope that it's still sitting in the Title Office files. Mum is going to go in there in the next few weeks to see what she can learn.

According to the solicitor, the normal approach when an electronic title is issued is for the original to be stamped "obsolete" then sent on to the new owner as a keepsake. We're just praying that for some odd reason it fell through the net ... it will be awful if they just destroyed it.

Keep your fingers crossed. :-)

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