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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dave's visit

Dave got back yesterday, at last. Here's his short summary of what they did each day along with a few photos:

Monday 4th August
rained all way up, got there 2pm, built shelter

Campsite at Amherst
(this photo was taken a few days later obviously, given the blue skies!)

Tuesday 5th August
cold morning, started to strip back panels on side wall, forest side

amherst - old house being painted - 4

Wednesday 6th August
primer coat on stripped wall, continued stripping. Planted lemon tree, blood orange, almond, pecan.

amherst - orchard trees - 2 amherst - orchard trees - 3

amherst - old house being painted - 5

Thursday 7th August
painted first coat on side wall, built scaffold for work on dam side wall.

amherst - old house being painted - 6

amherst - old house being painted - 8

Friday 8th August
more painting and stripping, 5,000 gal tank arrived and installed. drove back to Melbourne in the late afternoon.

new tanks - 5

Saturday 9th August
rest day in Melbourne

Sunday 10th August
drove back to Amherst in the morning, arrived early afternoon. started initial work on olive fence, put 5 posts in

amherst - olive grove fence (ready to be put up) - 1

Monday 11th August
more painting and stripping. forest side finished, dam side half stripped. another 10 posts in

amherst - old house being painted - 13

Tuesday 12th August
30 posts put in am, primer coat done dam side all other posts in.

amherst - old house being painted - 14

Wednesday 13th August
first blue coat on dam side, holes dug for fences round almond and chestnut trees.

amherst - old house being painted - 17

Thursday 14th August
second blue coat, started completing fence with first run of wire

amherst house - 7

Friday 15th August
wiring up fence. finished first run, started top layer.

Saturday 16th August
finished second run of wire (upper) started fences for trees

Sunday 17th August
ran hare fence around olive trees

olive grove at amherst - 5

olive grove at amherst - 3

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