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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Talbot's fire brigade & museum

Two more little gems.

The Talbot museum has a website with some old photos on it.

And I've just discovered that not only does Talbot's Fire Brigade have a website, it has some great stuff on it including a detailed history of the fire brigade from the 1860's on, including photos. How cool is that?!?

On December 5 1862, at about a quarter past ten in the morning, the alarm of fire was raised, for flames had been seen issuing from the premise of Mr Clark, a tobacconist and librarian. Before the brigade could arrive with their engine, the fire had spread into the Theatre Royal, the tent store of Mr Evans, Mr Samuels the gold assayers store. The fire continued to spread, next into The Golden Cross Hotel, in fact no less than 12 large buildings were in flames before the fire brigade were present at this disastrous scene.

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