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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ebay win: another roof finial

Ebay is strange sometimes... you wait ages for something to come along, then suddenly you're swamped.

We've just won another gorgeous terracotta roof finial. It's even bigger than the other.

To give a sense of scale, it's pictured with a tin can. As you can see, it's huge!

another roof finial roof finial

From the description:
A stunning beautiful old antique terracotta large roof finial, circa 1880s. Beautifully made,finely carved with scrolled and leaf designs ,surmounted with a stylised acorn finial. The condition is also very good for age, The finial is of a large and heavy size which stands at 27.5 inches high.

Who knows what it will become: garden ornament, finial on a summerhouse or shed. I know it will be the perfect finishing touch to something we build at Amherst. I love Ebay: there's no way I'd ever have stumbled across something like this before, let alone at a price I can afford.

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