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Saturday, June 28, 2008

what it's like in Talbot today (from UDF report)

Here's some more extracts about the situation of Talbot today, from the recent Urban Design Framework report.

There are lots of good things about Talbot, including:

-- There is a diverse range of facilities for a rural community of this size, such as:
  • The Talbot Primary School (former Prince Alfred Primary School)
  • The Post Office and associated services
  • The Crescent Community Centre and other various community resources including internet on-line facilities
  • The Community Library within the former Court House building.
  • Childcare centre - the Back Creek Kindergarten.
  • The swimming pool and play area opposite Pioneer Park.
  • The tennis courts
  • The bowling club
  • The recreation ground and indoor stadium
  • Country Fire Authority
  • St Michael’s Anglican Church
-- A tourist focus is developing, generating further income to the township. Currently, special attractions and activities which bring people to the township include:
-- There are an increasing number of people locating to the area in retirement.

-- There are many vacant sites including corner sites within the residential area. These factors provide a sense of spaciousness and allow longer-range views.

-- Talbot has a significant number of heritage buildings and has one of the most significant intact row of public buildings in Victoria.

-- There is cultural and social diversity within the township. This is represented by a diverse blend of hard working and enthusiastic residents who are generally prepared to put
personal effort back into their community, this contributes to the high level of community spirit and moral in the township.


BUT there are problems (which the report recommends addressing):

-- There are limited facilities in town (eg: no 24 hr ATM, no petrol station) and so residents are forced to do most of their shopping elsewhere.

-- Some of the vacant allotments are too small to accommodate today’s residential lifestyle expectations, unless they are consolidated.

-- A number of residential properties have significant amounts of stored building materials, derelict machinery etc. and these collectively detract from the visual amenity of the township.

-- Key services of sewerage reticulation and natural gas are absent.

-- There is limited public transport available. The passenger train no longer stops at Talbot and the existing bus service available is limited.

-- Lack of readily available built form guidelines to guide new development

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