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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Talbot "Urban Design Framework" is published

The long-awaited Urban Design Framework for Talbot, our nearest town, has been published. You can download the full report from the Central Goldfields site here.

I've been keen to see this report not only because I was curious about future plans, but also because I knew it would include a nice summary of the area's history. The report is quite long so for posterity's sake as well as to make it easier to refer to, I'll pull out some highlights from it in the next couple of posts.

First, just to give you the overview of the area, here's the overall regional map from the report:

regional map

Here's the more detailed map for the town of Talbot. Amherst is not on it, but it's out of town in the direction of the Quartz Reef (click map to make it bigger).

detailed talbot map

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