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Saturday, May 17, 2008

rocks, windmills and wine

Julian and Leah from Dunach went walking recently not far from our place and very kindly sent us a link to see the photos. This one made me especially "homesick" (??can I call it that if I haven't lived there yet??) We have lots of rocks like this on our place - although unfortunately they're not organised into neat heaps yet. :-)

(original photo via JKexpress2007 on Picasa)

They also filled us in on some local news: there are some wonderful windmills being installed at Waubra and also the winery up the road from us has at last got new owners. It's been relaunched: it used to be called Scotts Hill Vineyard, now it is Romantic Vineyard and they've added holiday accommodation and a restaurant. I'm so happy we'll have this on our doorstep and can't wait to visit. :-)

Thanks a lot for the update guys...

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