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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ebay win: mosaic floor tiles

My idea is to make either one big or a couple of normal sized "doormats" out of these. I don't know exactly where yet but I like the colours and pattern, so it seemed too good a bargain to pass up - especially since they were just down the road from Mum's.

tiles arranged

From the description:
"Victorian Mosaic Floor Tiles suitable for a patio. They came from the patio of an old terrace house in Prahran, Melbourne. The larger dark tiles measure 115mm square. Of these tiles I have 134 good, 63 with very small chips and 36 with bigger chips plus some broken tiles. The smaller sandstone colour tiles are 40mm square and there are 270 of these. There are also 31 triangle shape tiles of these smaller ones - the full tile has been cut in half. A very few of the above tiles have small amounts of mortar on them that would have to be chipped off"

tiles piled

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