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Thursday, May 29, 2008

At last! a name

We started thinking about what to call the house(s) over three years ago and have at last come up with something we both like.

Until recently we were leaning towards "Cricklewood Farm" - in homage to where we live in London. But it never felt quite right, not to mention would be forever subject to japes about The Goodies (who I just discovered even wrote a song about it).

So, on our recent driving trip in Kent and Sussex we brainstormed other names and came up with the idea of "Ridgeview". It seemed apt as we're on a ridge and we have a view... but of course when we came to look for URL's it - and numerous variants, Ridgeviewhouse and so forth - were already taken.

Then we had a brainwave and came up with an alternative that I liked every more:


... and miracle of miracles, www.ridgefieldshouse.com was available!!

(We might get the .com.au version too if I can ever get my head round the trademark registration process).

Who knows, we might end up changing it if we come up with something better in the next few years, but right now I'm just so happy we have something to fall back on that we both like. :-)

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