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Monday, April 28, 2008

taking the storage plunge

We put this off as long as we could, but have now taken the plunge and rented proper storage for all our "stuff" back in Australia. Dad really kindly had been storing it in my old bedroom, but they needed the room back and it had got to the point anyway that nothing more would fit!

Dad got us a great deal on a 4x3 unit which is well cooled and ventilated, not to mention secure, and already fitted out with shelves. It is perfectly located too, not far from Dad's place in Mitcham. Although our contract is monthly, he agreed a fixed price for a year.

Here's some photos, judging from the amount of empty space, I think this was taken early on in the moving in process. :-)

storage unit - 6

storage unit - 4

storage unit - 3

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