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Friday, February 15, 2008

our first peaches

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The first ever fruit from the orchard, picked by Dad and Vida 2 days ago. There was also apparently another peach that had ripened already and fallen - they ate it up there and Vida said it was very sweet.

Seeing this is so wonderful as brings us one step closer... although growing 8 peaches successfully is still a long way from self-sufficiency, but hey it's a start... :-)

You can see these same peaches growing on the tree barely a month ago here.


Jen said...


Jennifer said...

MMMM! I love peaches. We have an apple tree in our yard that we are hoping to encourage fruit on. I would lvoe to make some apple pies.

Margaret said...

Wow! How can you have peaches in February! I love your blog. Especially the pictures of your garden in progress! I actually ran across it when I was doing a search for an image of Gravetye Manor (I used one of your pictures on my blog--I hope that's okay!).