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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photo-history of the gum trees

I am in awe at how fast the gum trees lining the driveway have grown.

Here's a photo taken last weekend, when Mum and Dad went up to water the orchard:
dad walking down the drive.jpg

They're recognisable now as trees, small trees but still, they're trees!

Hard to believe that this is what they looked like when we planted them back in October 2004, less than 3 and a half years earlier.

024finished tree with irrigation pipes

They were only about the height of a pencil! We coddled them yes - they got cages, they got irrigation pipes set up, they got pea straw; later they even got shadecloth to protect from the wind & frost. But they started off TINY.

By September 2005, they'd grown to just over knee height:

view of driveway with trees (Sept 2005)

Over the course of that summer they shot up to about chest height. Here they are in April 2006 swaddled in their shadecloth to protect from the frosts soon to come:

trees with shadecloth roofs

It was a tough winter that year and most of the trees hit the roof of their cage, so started to bush out rather than go up. (We later took the roof off and put side extensions). Here they are in December 2006:

gumtrees along driveway with dam

By October 2007 they were all doing well and most taller than a person:
Amherst September & October 001

And finally, by mid January 2008, here Dad is with one of the biggest that's over twice his height!
dad with a tree thats grown.jpg

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