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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Orchard fence is finished

Well, almost finished. It only has a temporary gate at the moment, but close enough as it'll probably be years before we get something permanent.

Here you can see the fence clearly, and also how we've interspersed old tree trunks with the poles.
orchard fence closeup.jpg

The old trees were from some that had long-ago fallen on our property. They're Ironbark which is incredibly strong (hence the name) so they're not going to rot away anytime soon. The posts need painting perhaps to make them match the trunks, but overall I like the effect... I think it'll be even better when I get creepers growing over some of the poles, etc.

Up close the trunks have a lovely pattern:

closeup of old tree in fence.jpg

The other thing I like about the fence is that from a distance the wire fades into the background (at least when it isn't wrapped in shadecloth):

looking across dam and orchard to far side.jpg

I was so worried that having the fence would make it feel like a compound but it doesn't. When the fruit trees grow big it'll be even less noticeable.

orchard view.jpg

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