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Thursday, May 03, 2007

plant ideas from Rushworth

While back in Australia I visited a friend who lives in Rushworth, about 2 hours drive further North from Amherst. She's restoring an old farmstead which has a lovely established garden with some really interesting plants. Here are a few that I was interested in for the Amherst garden:

First, this amazing lily... or at least I think it's a lily judging from the shape of the leaves and dead petals, but I can't tell for sure. Sam didn't know what it was either... if anyone recognises it, can you please leave a comment?
amazing lily pods

Another is this tree with great purple bell-shaped flowers. Again, we didn't know what it was precisely... thought at first a lilac but apparently the leaves aren't 'furry' which means it isn't that. Please leave a comment if you can suggest what it might be.
purple flower tree

Finally, a peppercorn tree. This would be a lovely shade tree for the house garden plus the peppercorns would come in very handy in the kitchen too. :-)
peppercorn tree

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Anonymous said...

(From a comment left on another post...)
The 2 plants that require ID are Red berry is Iris http://www.paghat.com/stinkingiris.html
the other is related to tomatoe and spuds http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s1315912.htm a few pecies with different coloured flowers including red..I grow three forms..Cheers william Martin (Wigandia)