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Saturday, May 05, 2007

admin note

Those with eagle eyes might notice that I've made some changes to the sidebar. I'm experimenting with using Google's Adsense thingy.

I haven't decided yet if I'll leave it on or not. Hopefully it's not too obtrusive, and who knows might earn a little to offset the web hosting costs.

It's also quite amusing so far to see the 'contextual' placements in action. For example, there was a post ages ago I wrote about Dave's new tonka toy - ie: about him deciding to get a (real life) tractor. But all the ads when I just looked now were for cat toys and dolls! Not quite the same thing, but hey... :-)

Ads for places in Amherst, US, seem to come up a lot too. I wish there was a way I could tell it they're a bit confused geographically... but hey. It'll be fun to watch as the targeting gets better, as I'm sure it will.

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