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Saturday, March 10, 2007

update on trees

Not much has been happening at Amherst over the past little while. Dad has been busy studying for his nursing exam and working on his own house. Here's an update from Mum on a recent trip:

"Dad went up to your place Thursday night with Dakota and Lady, the trailer and the ute. I went up Friday and brought him and the dogs back in the afternoon. I was late arriving – traffic was dreadful. Dad wanted to look at the terrain a bit south of Ballarat so we drove back that way, and rejoined the freeway at Ballan.

The grass at Amherst on your land seems to have been mowed. Almost bowling green short and smooth! And there was a definite green tinge over everything that I was not expecting. Dad went to water the fruit trees and found water standing in the trenches he had dug round them, like mini dams, one per tree. Tex said they had about 100mm overnight a couple of weeks back – I think it was the night I told you it was raining up your way. It looks lovely, but there is not much feed about for sheep...

The gums along the drive are either flourishing or dead, and there are far more flourishing than dead for sure. No more have died since you were there I think. Fine healthy trees they are, and outgrowing their wire protections which is hampering their growth."

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