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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Talbot is booming, according to Weekly Times

Today my Mum emailed me an article which appeared in The Weekly Times (a big country newspaper in Australia) on January 3rd 2007.

It seems Dave and I aren't alone in stumbling upon Talbot and its environs as a place to migrate to when we make our downshifting escape. Which is brilliant news, as it means we won't be the odd ones out for having lived overseas. :-)

As the article says... "What is it about this little town, perched on the edge of hard, old gold country that pulls savvy business types and human curios from cities?"

Speaking still as a part-outsider I reckon it's a combination of things... it's close enough to Melbourne you can get there if you need. It's got lovely old buildings, walking down the main street on our first visit it felt like it had just been put gently to sleep 100 years ago and was just waiting to be brought back to life. And there's an underlying buzz and friendliness to the place that gets more every time I visit.

The article says that a vintage clothing shop has opened there now, and there's plans for an art gallery as well as a permanent museum dedicated to the history of communications - from aboriginal days right through to mobile phones. (how ironic considering what I do). Maybe I can get involved, donate some time to helping them with their 'what's coming in the future' exhibit if they have one. It would be nice to be able to start contributing something to the town. Hmmm.

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article about Talbot PART 1

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