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Sunday, January 21, 2007

historical monthly rainfall for Maryborough

The kind people at the bureau of meteorology in Australia have sent me even more historical data about Maryborough's weather... thank you thank you thank you. :-)

The most important variable for me is the rainfall. Here's a chart showing the rainfall for each year that they've kept records. Every bar represents a year, and is made up of the rainfall by month, in order from January at the bottom to Dec at the top. The shading represents the season: red = summer, orange = autumn, blue = winter, green = spring.

historical maryborough rainfall

I'm still surprised about the amount of rainfall that falls in summer.

Overall, to be safe it seems we should count on getting around 400mm per year, which will be the case for 70-80% of years. Other years we'll get more which will offset against years where we get less. Even in the worst years, there's still some rainfall, around 250-300mm, and last year counted as one of them. (Ignore the year 1899, it wasn't really that low, but the data is missing for 6 months).

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