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Friday, January 12, 2007

Historical Maryborough weather

After I did the 2006 weather post, I contacted the local bureau of meteorology to see if they had any historical information. A few days later I got a friendly email from Tim Forster, their Victorian information officer, who sent me some summary sheets with information about averages and weather extremes for Maryborough.

Here and here are the files he sent me, and below are some summary charts I put together using the information (although there's a lot more in the files than what I used). Thanks so much Tim. :-)

This first chart shows the average monthly rainfall per month for Maryborough. The lighter green bars are the average based on the 100+ years they've kept records for. The darker green bars are what happened in 2006. It vividly shows why there's a drought. Even though some months, like July, there was tons of rain, about a third more than the average, in every other month it was less. And for many months less than half the average. Wow. Depressing.

maryborough rainfall

This second chart shows the temperature range. Average max/min temperatures per month, plus the extremes of each. Click to view the chart in detail and see the legend.

maryborough temperatures

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