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Sunday, December 31, 2006

daily weather during 2006

I thought it might be good for future comparisons to make a note of the daily weather during 2006. Fortunately, the bureau of meteorology very helpfully publishes details of temperature, rainfall, etc for the past 12 months for Maryborough, which is about the nearest spot to Amherst, about 15 minutes drive away.

Using that data, here's a graph showing the daily temperature range, in celsius:

2006 temperature at Maryborough

(In case it isn't obvious, the shading denotes the different seasons... blue = winter, yellow = summer, etc)

I was surprised, I'd thought it would have had more extremes... more 40 degree plus days and more days below zero. Although there's a clear pattern across the seasons it's not as pronounced as I'd thought. The hottest it got was 41.2 on December 10th, and the coldest -3.4 on 14th June.

Most importantly, here's a graph of the cumulative rainfall, in mm. As of end 2006 there was only 290mm of rainfall for the entire year! That is way below the long-term average of 550mm per year. This alone explains why the dam is so much lower than we've seen it before.

2006 cumulative rainfall in maryborough (in mm)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette
My name is Rob Durbridge and I actually live in Maryborough. I came accross your web site by contacting the Bureau of Meteorology about some stats for Maryborough rainfall and temp as I have a 1000 tree olive grove and needed these for business reasons, they sent what I wanted plus your web site details. I like your dream as this district is a great place to live and steep in gold mining history, especially Amherst. As a kid I spent many days in Amherst hunting, mushrooming, cuting wood etc with my father who showed me the locations of historic sites around Amherst, things like the old hospital, The Amherst water supply,ruins of Eucalyptus oil plants, gold mines etc. Unfortunately a lot of these old buildings were distroyed in 1985 by the worst bushfire the region has seen. Any way good on ya, keep up the good work.

Email rjdurb@bigpond.net.au