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Friday, November 24, 2006

storm damage to trees

Dad went up to water the fruit trees and check the damage from the big storm they had. Here's his email report and photos.

damage to orchard Nov 2006 2

damage to orchard Nov 2006 1

"I arrived at 4pm last Monday and worked until 9pm watering the entire collection of fruit trees in the orchard and the two isolated ones. As far as I could see none of the agaves are left. I had to do repairs for the enclosures damaged by either wind or roos or both. Two of the trees were striped bare, but are budding new leaves.

I transferred 800 gal of potable water to the irrigation tank and put this on the trees over the period 4-8pm, giving apx 20-30min water time to each set of 2 trees which the system will support watering at a time. I will replace the straw lost on the tree nearest the dam at the next visit, as there was not any to be found. Sorry about the agaves.

While watering, I did repairs, re-attaching the shadecloth blown off by heavy winds on those not damaged in other ways. Our method of merely bending the wire back on itself in a loop failed in many places, so I needed to do a twist of the wire on itself to ensure this could not happen again".

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